About Merz Beauty

Merz Beauty has been specifically designed as a platform to encourage confidence in understanding skin, the process of ageing and the various lifestyle and treatment options available to help manage unique skin health experiences.

Merz Beauty aims to empower individuals to feel confident in their skin.

All information on the Merz Beauty website is generic and for information purposes only, acting as guide. You should seek professional and tailored advice from your healthcare professional in relation to your own skin health and wellness experiences.


Merz Pharma is an independent international aesthetics and neurotoxin company with its own research and development capabilities.

While Merz products have been sold in Australia for a number of years, Merz Australia was officially launched in 2014. In Australia, we are growing rapidly in the area of aesthetics across the company.

Our continued growth and market leadership in aesthetics and neurotoxins is the result of our drive for innovation, along with focused, strategic acquisitions. We have continued to expand across all areas of our business, due to a focused, purposeful approach that includes both organic and inorganic growth.

As a privately-held and family-owned company with a 100 year-plus history, we believe in taking a long-term view. Merz brings an unwavering focus to the specialties we serve, combined with a flexible, responsive approach to the individualized needs of our physician customers and their patients.

Live Better. Look Better. Feel Better