Fine lines and wrinkles


It is inevitable and natural for your skin to lose fullness and become thinner over time. Fine lines are small and shallow lines that can appear on all areas of the face, hands and body often where there is movement of muscles like facial expressions.

What causes fine lines

They are caused by a weakness in the skin’s foundation and are a result of the inability of the skin to bounce back to its original shape and position which in turn causes a shallow fold.

These little skin creases often occur directly on the area of movement however some can sit adjacent to the area too. It’s important to remember fine lines can appear on any part of the skin; for example you might notice small lines on your cheek that become more prominent when exposed to external factors such as sunlight.

Fine lines are very mild and quite superficial and are often associated with the earliest signs of ageing.


Wrinkles are similar to fine lines however, can be a little more complex as they appear deeper and more prominent in the skin. Fine lines are often superficial whereas wrinkles are deeper set in the epidermal layer.

What causes wrinkles

These deeper lines are predominantly caused by muscle contractions underneath the skin, which is often why they appear where you make the most facial expressions. They can also be enhanced by external factors and exposure to the natural environment like UV rays from the sun.

Some of the most common facial expressions where wrinkles occur include:



Face Frowning


Face Smiling


There are various types of wrinkles:

  1. Dynamic wrinkles
    One that only occurs with movement. For example, if you frown and see a deep crease between your eyebrows which disappears when you stop frowning, that is a dynamic wrinkle.
  2. Static wrinkles
    If you are relaxed or resting and your wrinkle or crease stays visible that is a static wrinkle.
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Managing or preventing fines lines and wrinkles can be done through hydration, diet, skin care products and cosmetic treatments.

Excessive amounts of sun exposure can cause damage to our skin which speeds up the collagen and elastin breakdown. These elements along with our fatty layer are important for skin structure and when compromised can influence fine lines and wrinkles. Avoid excessive sun exposure and always wear SPF to prevent sun damage to the skin.

Skincare products such as moisturisers, serums and peels can help to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and help to keep skin hydrated and looking plump.

Several different cosmetic treatments can also help manage the treatment and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. It is essential to consult with your healthcare professional before undertaking any cosmetic treatments to ensure the treatment is suitable and tailored to your individual needs.